Fortune 500 residential construction company speeds efficiency with employee self service.

A leading residential construction company hires ACS to develop and launch ServiceNow training to empower employees to help themselves.

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The Brief

A leading US residential construction company needed to implement ServiceNow software to onboard and credential new employees properly, enable managers to request resources, and empower employees to resolve IT issues before calling the help desk. Lacking internal training resources, they hired ACS to build the knowledge base and launch the self-service transition effectively.

What We Did

Our team architected the knowledge base and developed a custom kickoff and launch training package including communications, leadership presentations, videos and job aids that both introduced the ServiceNow platform and promoted adoption by over 2,000 employees.


The organization was able to shift employees to ServiceNow and quickly sunset out of date tools. The result is a more efficient, empowered workforce that can access on-demand training within their daily workflows.


  • Empowered over 2000 employees and managers

  • Reduced support calls by 35% in 3 months

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