Fortune 500 company accelerates sales enablement without disrupting internal teams.

A leading residential construction company hired ACS to develop and roll out a custom training experience for fifty sales divisions across the United States.

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The Brief

Our client needed to roll out a new process for home buyers to digitally sign sales agreements and to expedite manager approvals. Unfortunately, the organization lacked internal resources in both training and IT to create and launch the tools necessary to accelerate the new workflow adoption.

What We Did

We built the curriculum, designed the program delivery, created custom, role-based experiences, and launched the full training across fifty states.


The sales organization reduced the time to finalize a sales agreement by over 40%, and executive leadership recognized ACS for setting a new quality standard, recommending ACS for other in-house projects.


  • Reduced time to finalize agreements by over 40%

  • Delivered role based user experiences for leadership and staff

  • No disruptive impact on IT and training department teams